Custer Creek Farms/Stonelake Estate

The median real estate price in Custer Creek Farms/Stonelake Estate is $721,076, which makes it more expensive than 96.9% of neighborhoods across Texas and 89% of the U.S. neighborhoods.

The average rental fee in Custer Creek Farms / Stonelake Estates is currently $2,325. This area commands prices higher than 88.5% of all other neighborhoods across Texas.

Custer Creek Farms/Stonelake Estate is a beautiful suburban neighborhood based on population density located in Frisco, Texas. Custer Creek Farms is a community of homes that are large and spacious, Ranging from four bedrooms to five members or more; the Stonelake Estates area also includes single-family houses as well as apartments ready in high-rise buildings. Most of this residential real estate is owner-occupied.

Many of the households in this neighborhood are newer, built between 2000 and recent. There is also an abundance that was constructed between 1970 and 1999.

There are 5.9% vacancies in Custer Creek Farms/Stonelake Estates, which is lower than one will find among most American neighborhoods (67%). This may be an indication that demand for real estate here has gone up.

The Custer Creek Farms / Stonelake Estates neighborhood is one of the most spacious and luxurious neighborhoods in all of America. With more large 4, 5, or additional bedroom homes available than 99% percent of other areas on this continent-you’ll instantly notice how big these houses here really seem when driving by them.

The Custer Creek Farms / Stonelake Estates neighborhood is a great place for those who want newly built homes. With 92% of the buildings being newer than 1999. The real estate in this area is so new that it has completely dominated the landscape. In most neighborhoods, there’s a mixture of ages, but here they were all built within just two decades – from 2000 through today.

There are very few renters in this area. The Custer Creek Farms / Stonelake Estates neighborhood has a higher rate of owner-occupied housing than most U.S. neighborhoods, which may be an indication that it’s stable and/or well cared for.

The people of Custer Creek Farms are more likely to be married than most other neighborhoods in America. The percentage is 75%. This suggests that there might have been something special about how they were raised and taught dating skills that led them towards success as an engaged couple or family unit.

The adults in this neighborhood are upper-level executives who live here due to their wealth and education. They own stately homes with high appreciation rates, so they can enjoy the lifestyle that comes along it without worrying too much about finances

The people of Custer Creek Farms/Stonelake Estates tend towards being more well off than most neighborhoods across America.

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