Newman Village/Knolls Of Frisco

The median real estate price in Newman Village/ Knolls Of Frisco is $591,980, which makes it more expensive than 94.9% of the neighborhoods throughout Texas and 84% of the U.S neighborhoods.

The average fee of a rental in this Newman Village/ Knolls Of Frisco neighborhood is $2,815.95 – which makes it higher than 95% percent of all neighborhoods across Texas.

The Knolls of Frisco/ Newman Village is a great place to call home. Whether you’re looking for large single-family homes or apartment complexes with high-rise apartments, Newman Village has what your heart desires! Most people that live here own their property.

The Newman Village/Knolls Of Frisco is a popular neighborhood for those who want to live in newer homes. The area was built up starting in 2000, with most houses being completed between 1970 and 1999 as well.

The vacancy rate in the Newman Village/Knolls Of Frisco is lower than 50% of neighborhoods across America.

The Newman Village / Knolls Of Frisco neighborhood is a great place to live if you love the look and ambiance of new homes. In this area, 97% percent or more were built after 1999, which makes it feel even fresher than most other places around.

The concentration of newer homes in this area is so great that they completely dominate the landscape. Most communities have a mixture of ages of residential real estate, but here it’s almost all built during a one-time frame: 2000-today.

The Newman Village/Knolls Of Frisco is home to some pretty impressive real estate, with more large four or five-bedroom properties than 97% of other neighborhoods in America. You can tell that this area has an abundance of space because as soon as you walk up onto its quiet streets, there’s no denying how spacious everything looks.

The people who reside in this community are upper-level executives with plenty of money. They own stately homes that often appreciate at a high rate, and they’re busy working throughout the day but can enjoy life comfortably because their careers allow them to do so.

The best place for executives in Texas is here! This neighborhood has been rated as an executive lifestyle “best choice,” which is compared to 99.7% of all other neighborhoods across the state. Highly educated executives and families with school-aged children both have the perfect place to live in this neighborhood.

The Newman Village/Knolls of Frisco neighborhood is an area where marriage seems to be the norm. In fact, astonishingly enough, this one single community has a higher concentration rate for married couples living here than 98 percent across America.

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