Panther Creek/Ridgeview At Panther Creek

The median home price in Panther Creek/Ridgeview At panther creek, at $436,507, is more expensive than 87.5% of neighborhoods across Texas and 72% of the U.S. In the Panther Creek Estates / Ridgeview At panther creek neighborhood in Frisco, TX, you will find an exceptional rental price. The average cost is currently $3,685, which makes it higher than 99% of all other neighborhoods in Texas.

Panther Creek Estates/ Ridgeview At panther creek is a residential community located on the eastern side of town. The majority of owner-occupied homes here have large-sized (4+ bedrooms) or medium-sized (3 bedroom) living spaces.

The neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for newer houses. Many of the homes in this area were built between 2000 or more recent and 1999, with some dating as far as 1970.

In the Panther Creek Estates / Ridgeview At Panther Creek neighborhood, you’ll find a lower rate of vacancies than almost any other place in America. This means that there is very little supply for property, and demand seems high.

When you come to know the people here, it will be clear that we’re in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. In fact, only 4% percent of our communities are more Wealthy than Panther Creek Estates/Ridgeview at Panther Creek.

Real estate in this area is well-maintained, and residents tend to value property over time. Most people drive luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, or Audi for transportation around town. If public schools aren’t upstanding enough, then parents will likely send their kids off to private prep schools. In an area full of well-to-do neighborhoods like this one, it’s no surprise that Panther Creek Estates has among the lowest child poverty rates in America.

The perfect spot for families, Panther Creek Estates/ Ridgeview At Panther Creek is more family-friendly than 97.9% of neighborhoods in the entire state of Texas! With top public schools and low crime rates to go along with its owner-occupied single-family homes – it’s clear why this area has become so popular among those that want to Leave It To Beaver style living at its finest.

The residents of this community have been able to create a strong sense of belonging while also enjoying the convenience that comes with living in an area where there are so many families just like yours. In addition, you will find all amenities needed for your family’s happiness – from excellent schools on every corner leading up to college-educated parents.

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