Preparing for Your Re-roofing Project

Please understand that during the re-roofing project your home and property will become a temporary construction site. Listed below are some helpful hints and requirements to help us do our job efficiently and without vex to you. If you have any questions concerning your re-roofing project please feel free to contact our office or your Sales Consultant at any time.
  • For their safety, children and pets should be kept away during the construction of your new roof.
  • Please park all vehicles out of your garage and driveway, allowing us complete access to your driveway for trucks, tools, and project material.
  • Please provide our construction crews with access to electrical outlets (for powertools) and a garden hose (for detailed cleanup).
  • To protect lawn and patio furniture, we suggest you move these items to create aperimeter of twenty feet around your home. This also allows an efficient and safe work area.
  • We suggest you take down all (interior/exterior) pictures, clocks, and hanging items, as they could fall during the more intense phases of your re-roofing project.
  • As we will not always have access to the interior of your home, we ask that you please check the electrical circuit box often to make sure none have been tripped. Also, check to see if any exhaust flue connections have become dislodged from the furnace, water heater, or dryer.
  • After completion of your new roof project, please take precautions when mowing the yard and using the driveway for the first few days. We use a magnetic sweeper to pick up stray nails but we cannot guarantee that we will get every one.
Thank you for your cooperation!