Richwoods/Preston Lakes

The median house price in Richwoods/Preston Lakes is $564,796, making it more expensive than 89.7% of the neighborhoods across Texas and 77% of the U.S neighborhood.

The cost of renting a home in this area is higher than 98% of other neighborhoods across Texas. The average rental price currently stands at $3,277.

Richwoods/Preston Lakes is a suburban neighborhood in Frisco, TX. It’s based on population density. The area around Richwoods and Preston lakes has a lot of newer homes. There are some that were built as much back in 1970, but most either came after 2000.

The real estate market in this neighborhood is low, with 6% vacancies. This percentage may be lower than in most American neighborhoods. The adults in this Richwoods/Preston Lake neighborhood are largely executives and wealthy residents, with most people here being upper-level career professionals who keep busy but live comfortably off their hard work. This is a good place for families with school-aged children and urban sophisticates.

With a higher concentration of married couples living here than 99.6% of all U.S neighborhoods, the Richwoods/Preston Lakes neighborhood is an exceptional place for those looking to start or build their family, Whether you’re single with school-aged children (or not), this area offers plenty in terms on lifestyle and perhaps common interests too.

If you come to know the people here, it won’t be hard for your social circle of friends and family members to recognize that we’re among some of the wealthiest communities in America. A mere 2% (or less)of neighborhoods throughout our country can compare with Richwoods / Preston Lakes as far being wealth goes; not only do these homeowners live comfortably, but their properties also tend to stay valuable over time too! It’s clear why so many drive luxury brands such Mercedes – Audi, BMW, Lexus, etc.

This is a neighborhood where you can find all walks of life. The adults here have an average education level that’s above the national average, and 38% hold at least one degree beyond undergraduate graduation.

The homes in this neighborhood are spacious and well-designed. The large number of four, five, or additional bedrooms here makes for a strong visual statement as you travel around the area.

What you will notice instantly when driving through the Richwoods / Preston Lakes neighborhood is how new most of these homes are. They have that fresh paint smell, with landscaping nearly everywhere you look.

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