Westfalls Village/Heritage Village

The median home price in Westfalls Village/ Heritage Village, located in Frisco, is $584,493, which makes it more expensive than 93% of neighborhoods across Texas and 81%  nationwide.

Westfalls Village/ Heritage Village is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Texas. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,619, and it’s higher than 99% of other areas across this state.

Westfalls Village/ Heritage Village is a neighborhood filled with large homes and apartment buildings. The residents of this community are primarily owners who live in single-family houses or high-rise apartments.

The Westfalls Village / Heritage Village neighborhood is a great place to live, with newer homes. A number of properties in this area were built between 1970 and 1999 as well.

Westfalls Village/ Heritage Village is a neighborhood that has more large 4, 5, or even additional bedroom homes than 98% of neighborhoods in America.

When you stroll or drive around this neighborhood, it’s easy to notice the size of homes here because they’re so big. The strong visual statement makes these houses stand out.

In this Westfalls Village / Heritage Village neighborhood, most of the homes are owner-occupied. This is a higher rate than found in 96% of U.S neighborhoods. If you are looking to rent, this area might not have many options but high rates of ownership often indicate stability in neighborhoods.

The Westfalls Village / Heritage Village is a neighborhood in which the adults are highly educated and successful. They own stately households that tend to maintain high rates of appreciation, thanks largely due to their upper-level careers keeping them busy but still allowing for comfortable living.

Texas has a lot of great neighborhoods, but this one may be the best if you’re looking for an executive lifestyle. It is rated as better than 99% of other areas in Texas. This community is one of the most desirable places to live. This highly educated, sophisticated area has everything you need for your family with school-aged children or an urban lifestyle.

Westfalls Village/ Heritage Village has one of the wealthiest communities in America. A mere 1% of neighborhoods are wealthier than Westfall’s, and real estate here stays well maintained over time too.

These residents of this wealthy neighborhood have a preference for luxury cars and private schools. They also enjoy traveling abroad, with Disney World as one destination among many others, including Europe.

The Westfalls Village / Heritage Village neighborhood is home to more Yugoslav and Asian ancestry people than nearly any other in America! It’s true, with 1.5% of residents having  Yugoslav roots as well as 28% who have Asian ancestry.

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