IKO Color Selection

The first step in selecting the right shingle is to pick a color that harmonizes with exterior elements, such as siding and trim.

Whether you want your new roof to blend in or stand out among your home’s surroundings, IKO has a wide array of color options. Next, narrow your choices down to the actual type of shingle that best suits your climate and the architectural style of your home.

See how IKO shingles look on actual homes, no matter what their architectural style. If you crave the look of natural wood shakes without their flammability, the heritage look of genuine slate tiles without their weight, expense and maintenance worries, you’ll find examples here. Our gallery highlights all the shingles IKO makes. You’re sure to find the one to suit your budget, your home’s style and yours.

Please note that the photo swatches provided are for reference purposes only; we recommend watching the videos for a more accurate depiction of the color options.

IKO Marathon Plus AR Color Options

IKO Cambridge Shingles Color Options

IKO Nordic Shingles Color Options

IKO Dynasty Shingles Color Options